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What is it about the human race that is connected by stories?

Throughout time, it is stories that excite us, illicit fear, incite wars and end them. Whether it may be ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’, ‘the boy who saved Africa’ or ‘the girl that survived a bullet’; our stories define us. While each account may be slightly more interesting than the next, every story vastly novel.

I am Afiq Juan, and I go by the moniker, boyintheorchard. My story wasn’t rooted in a life-changing moment. It was a journey. I was 15 when I began this journey of exploration; I dabbled in a little bit of everything. I took an interest in the arts, social sciences, fragrances and even crafting. I did a diploma in new media, exploring installation work and working with multiple mediums.

On the surface, it seemed like I lacked intensity or a sense of direction. However, I soon realised that I was neither confused nor was I lost. I was merely expanding my story-language. I saw every externalisation or output: whatever people create, as a way they communicate their thoughts, ideas and emotions. My fascination with the way people communicate highlighted to me my interest in communication and by extension storytelling.

As someone that wanted to be a keen storyteller, I found it essential to learn the tools and the different mediums. It helps that I’m innately curious. The obligation to communicate a story through the best, most appropriate medium fueled my desire to create and make things through food, film, or fragrances. I pushed my thirst for storytelling by exploring a communications degree, exploring the technicalities of rhetoric and a compelling narrative.

This blog will document my journey as I venture into new encounters and stumble upon new realities. I write with hopes that this blog will note the stories that would one day define me.

As a person of faith, my religion is a vital part of my story. It will come up
occasionally but by no means am I forcing it upon anyone. I am open to inter-faith sharing but not equipped to engage in debates. There is no compulsion in religion. Let us celebrate the intricate weave that firmly binds the diverse and colourful fabric of humanity.

They say that life is what you make of it. Well I say, the universe is what you write of it; word for word.

Peace and ease upon you,
Afiq Juan

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